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CV - Tony Steel

Born 1960, Sydney.

From 1978-1986 served in The Royal Australian Navy as a steward, serving a two-year period on Admiral’s staff. Reached the ranks of a Leading Seaman. Discharged at own request to undertake art studies

2002Canberra School of Arts, Australian National University,
Part-time lecturer in 3D studies
2002C.I.T., Part-time lecturer in Faculty of Design
1992-95Bachelor of Arts (Sculpture), Canberra School of Arts
1990-91Associate Diploma of Fine Arts, Hornsby College of T.A.F.E., Sydney
1976-77Single Subject Ceramics, Hornsby College of T.A.F.E., Sydney
2002Art works for Mawson Centre, with Tess Horwitz and Bev Hogg
2001Art works for Jamison Centre, with Tess Horwitz
2001Contracted by Matthew Harding to assist in production of bogong moths for National Museum and Curtin Shops artworks
2001Set-construction for Chrissie Shaw production, ‘A Sweeter Fern -That’s Red’
2001Design work with architect on integration of art into buildings at Orana School Weston, Canberra
2000‘Whirligigs 2000’, Aerial decorations, Civic Square, for Olympic/Floriade/Federation/Australia Day events, with Tess Horwitz
2000Artist for refurbishment of Watson Shops: bollard lights and community mosaic, opened 15 June 2000
2000Mosaic, Carlo’s Restaurant foyer, Watson, Canberra, with Tess Horwitz
1999Green Seat, Festival of Contemporary Arts, Civic Square, Canberra
1997Assistance to Elizabeth Paterson, Vietnamese Water Stories, Canberra
1996Floriade Festival, Albert the Fish, Group 11, Canberra
1996Contemporary Arts Festival, Spirit House, Group 11, Canberra
1995Log/Whale/Boat, Art Implant, Sculpture Forum fringe, Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra
1995Assistance, The Water Axis, Gail McDermott, Peter Tonkin, Jennifer Turpin, Canberra National Sculpture Forum
1994Black and White, Floriade Festival, Commonwealth Park, Canberra
2000The Wilderness Society, Canberra Museum and Gallery
1999Diamonds are Forever, CAPO auction, Terra Firma work
1999Metallic, Members’ show, ANCA Gallery, Canberra
1997Members’ show, Out There, Canberra Contemporary Art Space
1996Artisans, Orana School, Canberra
1995Finish, Graduating Student Exhibition, Canberra School of Art Gallery and Sculpture Department
1995God Save the Queen, Members’ show, Canberra Contemporary Art Space
199530 Canberra and Regional Sculptors, Solander Gallery, Canberra
1993A Souvenir from Canberra, No Vacancy temporary galleries, Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial Associated Projects, Melbourne
1993Untitled, Canberra School of Art Gallery, Canberra
1991Student end-of-year show, Hornsby College of T.A.F.E., Sydney
1991Drawn from Within, Selenium, Sydney
1990Know No Nukes, Printmakers of Hornsby T.A.F.E., Djuric Gallery, Sydney
1999Festival of Contemporary Arts Pipeline, Menu, ACME group, Canberra
1996Backyard, ACME performance, Canberra
1993Performance Shop-front Window, Making Sense Gallery, Melbourne
1992Out on a Limb, A.N.U. Open Day, Canberra
1992Canned Laughter, Chifley Library, A.N.U., Canberra
2001Arts ACT Grant of $6000 for producing a marketing kit with Tess Horwitz on joint public art practice
1994Floriade prizewinner; $1000
Museum of Modern Art, New York, roneo drawings in "Tick Tock' publication
Landscape work in private residences, Canberra & Sydney
Private collections, Australia, Indonesia.
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1999-00‘Tick Tock’, companion volumes printed from drawings, Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
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